1. All the films released this summer have been box-office bummers. 今年夏天上映的电影都不卖座。
2. Are you kidding? 你在开玩笑吗?
3. Beats me. 我不知道。
4. Can you lend me ten bucks? 你能借给十块钱(美元)?
5. Chill out!冷静点!
6. Dirty jokes will not be tolerated here. 这儿不许讲黄色笑话。
7. Don’t come down on John before further investigation is made. 在进一步调查之前不要责备约翰。
8. Don’t get on my nerves. 别惹我烦。
9. Don’t hang out with that guy any longer. 别再和那个家伙鬼混了。
10. Don’t push his buttons. 不要惹他发火。
11. Dude, are you kidding now? 老兄,不要开玩笑好不好。
12. Economics is hardcore. 经济学是门艰难的课程。
13. Every time she sees a mouth she freaks out. 她每次看见老鼠都吓得要死。
14. Flying is grounded. 禁止飞行。
15. Fred‘s jokes are always so corny. 弗雷德的笑话总是了无新意。
16. Get out of here!别开玩笑了!
17. Get outta my face! I am busy! 别烦我! 我忙着呢!
18. Give me a break. 别开玩笑了。
19. Have a heart and give me another chance. 发发善心,再给我一次机会。
20. Have you lost it? 你疯了?
21. He denounced the rip-off. 他谴责敲竹杠。
22. He has a crush on the pretty girl. 他爱上那位美人儿。
23. He is a nerd. 他是个书呆子。
24. He is always up to on good. 他老惹事生非。
25. He shouted, “Freeze”. 他喊道,“不许动。”
26. He took the plunge while others chickened out. 在别人畏惧不前的时候他断然采取了行动。
27. He was a smart man, but had a screw loose. 他长得很帅,但头脑有点问题。
28. He was chewing the rag at me the whole afternoon. 他整个下午唠唠叨叨说落我。
29. Hello! 有没有搞错!
30. Her visit came out of the blue. 她突然来访。
31. Hey, give me five. 嗨,好啊!
32. His novel was a great hit. 他的小说风行一时。
33. Hold it down, please. 请小声点。
34. Hold your tongue! 住嘴!
35. Holy-cow! 我的天啊!
36. How much is that suite in the window? 橱窗的那套家具定价多少?
37. I aced my test. 我考了个满分。
38. I am really crazy about Michael Jackson’s rock’n’roll. 我对迈克尔•杰克逊的摇滚爱得发狂。
39. I can’t afford that. I am broke. 那东西我买不起。我没钱(尤指现金)。
40. I can’t put up with this noise. 我受不了这喧闹声。
41. I got lost. 我迷路了。
42. I hate no-shows. 我讨厌失约者。
43. I have never seen a bigger bean brain like you. 我从没见过比你更蠢的蠢才。
44. I was going to be cop, but I decided to finish high school instead. 我打算当警察,但我还是决定上完高中再说。
45. I’ll get a plumber to fix the john. 我得找个管子工修一下马桶。
46. I’ll say. 我也有同感。
47. I’m fed up with him. 我受够他了。
48. It gags me!令我恶心!
49. It is impossible to talk to Joe— he must have flipped out. 今天不可能和乔谈了,他准是发疯了。
50. It’s on me. 我请客。
51. Jack has gone with Mary. 杰克和玛丽好上了。
52. John is kissing up to his boss. 约翰在拍老板的马屁。
53. John was pissed off on hearing that. 约翰听说那事很生气。
54. Just go for it. 放手去做。
55. Knock it off! 停止!
56. Man! 哇塞!
57. Mike and Mary broke up. 迈克和玛丽的恋爱告吹了。
58. Never talk to me like that again, you dweeb. 再别跟我说那种话了,你个笨蛋。
59. No one is gong to turn a buck on this total bomb. 每人能从这次彻底失败的演出中捞到什么钱。
60. No way! 免开尊口!
61. Oh, brother! How could she wear that! 哦,天啊!她怎么能穿那种衣服呢!
62. Pick that stuff up off the floor. 把那东西从地上拾起来。
63. She falls head over heels in love with the dandy. 她神魂颠倒地爱上了那位花花公子。
64. She flitted around. 她是个满场飞。
65. She has a big mouth. 她说气话来总是口无遮拦。
66. She is gonna dump John. 她打算把约翰甩掉。
67. She is the hottest singer of 2003. 她是2003年最走红的歌星。
68. She is too green to know all the rules. 她是新手,还不了解所有的规则。
69. Sue, I sometimes think you are a flirt. 苏,有时候我认为你是个轻浮的人。
70. Talk about trouble. 麻烦死了。
71. That chick is really cute. 那女孩真可爱。
72. That drives me nuts. 那件事把我逼疯了。
73. That is totally annoying. 真的很讨厌。
74. That kind of skirt is no longer in fashion, 那种裙子已经不流行了。
75. The film star is red-hot. 那位电影明星红得发紫。
76. The fried chicken is yummy. 炸鸡很好吃。
77. The gown is drop-dead gorgeous. 晚礼服棒极了。
78. The informer has done me dirt. 告密者说了我的坏话。
79. The thermometer takes a nose dive the first day of winter. 入冬第一天气温计的水银柱骤降。
80. The whole thing is bullshit. 这全是胡扯。
81. There are lots of zits in his face. 他的脸上有很多青春痘。
82. There are three houses in a row. 有三栋房子成一排。
83. There is no scream on the street now. 现在街上没热闹了。
84. They felt the school system had let them down. 他们感到学校制度令他们失望。
85. They set foot in the concert hall. 他们步入音乐厅。
86. This kind of thing really burns me up. 这类事真叫我光火。
87. Those words are gross. 那些词真恶心。
88. To get dough I’ll put my watch in hock. 为了搞到钱去我要把表当掉。
89. Two thumbs up! 非常好!
90. Uh, oh! 糟糕!
91. We have to get real, otherwise we’ll get broke. 我们必须认清事实,否则我们非破产不可。
92. Well, sure, I flirted with her, but I flirt with everyone! 这个… 当然喽, 我有逗过她, 可是我谁都逗。
93. What the heck is this? 这到底是什么?
94. What’s bugging you? 什么叫你烦恼啦?
95. What’s up? 有什么新鲜事?
96. Where to go to the bathroom? 厕所在哪?
97. Without you I would fall apart. 没有你我的精神会崩溃的。
98. You can say that again! 你说对了!
99. You’d better clean up your act if you want to be regarded as a good boy. 如果你想让人把你看成一个好男孩,得好好表现哟。
100. You’ll be punished for cutting class. 你将因逃课而受罚。